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This is how you fuck a nice cock. Bottom boys take note.

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when dad told me he had a friend coming over my boy ass got wet and ready.

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Another huge black cock disappearing miraculously into Robby Mendez’ tiny ass. This time Mr Marky loses a load to that wonderful hole.

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Monster Black cock top  fills  twink with HUGE LOAD.

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Late tummy tuesday (uncensored)


Late tummy tuesday (uncensored)

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All my trips to Dallas for TBRU since 2007 have been incredible.  I love the town, I love the men and I love the way TBRU is run.  I made a new friend, Brandon, at TBRU 2007 and we hit it off in and out of the bedroom.  The clip above has been on X-Tube for many years and it seems to be popular with both Bear Scene lovers and Fuck Scene lovers.  I’m proud of that fact.   The only problem is, that clip is only the last couple of minutes in a hot couple of hours of fun.   I love an afternoon fuck session.  I get SUPER HORNY right around lunch time, DAILY, and during bear runs its s perfect time to have some sweaty fun.  Brandon came over and I stripped him down to his jockstrap and put him through his good boy paces.  I gotta filthy mouth when I get turned on and Brandon really brings it out in me.  The first session had lots of sweatin, spittin, cursin, fuckin and breedin his ass.  Wore me out, but as I lay there recovering he’s such a cum pig he wont leave my cock alone or my nipples.  My nips are hardwired to my cock and u can always get more cum outta me playin with those.  Brandon had primed my pump with the first session and I was harder and leakin more pre-cum in no time.  Thats when I turned the camera on…

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